Project creator and designer:
H. H. Sri Swami Satchidananda

James Jagadish McCabe

General contractor:
Andrews, Large & Whidden, Inc., Virginia

Job superintendent:
Lewis Thompson

LOTUS representative:
Br. Mokshapriya

Structural engineering:
Pradeep Mehta

Flooring and ceilings:
Robert Showalter (The Carpet House)

Archway clerestory/Chidambaram:
Ramakrishna Sackett, Parandhaman Dinsmoor, New Age Builders

Additional Electrical:
Bhaskar Alan Deva
Bob Slavet

Larry Waldron
Compass Contracting, Inc.

Altar lighting design and installation:
Dr. Paul Prasant Hansma

Altar lighting, lake fountains, research:
Swami Swaroopananda

Wood sculpture, petal tips, sanctuary arches; cabinetry:
Saswathan Quinn

Stained glass works:
Bhaktan Liczwinko, Sushila Bales

Models and design work:
Alan Asangan Binstock

World sculpture (All Faiths Hall):
Madhuri Honeyman

Artistic renderings of LOTUS and All Faiths Yantra:
Tim Barrall

Display Hall and All Faiths Hall:
Swami Jyotirmayananda

Display Hall panels and other woodwork:
Vajran Nichols, Bhaktan Eberle

Sculptures, cupola and kalasam donated by:
Dr. N. Mahalingam

Fabricated by:
Kowmara Madam, Coimbatore, India

Mahogany altars and carved door:
A. G. Shah, Fathima Woodworks, Trichur, India

Entryway veneer:
Sri Veeramani, Gem Granite, Chennai , India

Glass mosaic tile (original exterior finish) donated by:
Dr. & Mrs. Hari Harilela

Fabricated by:
Vetricolor S.A.S., Vicenza, Italy

Carved wooden archway donated by:
The Rasiah family

Arulamma Bouthonis
Jai Ram Eyth

Maintenance and repair:
Siva Moore

Integral Yoga skilled volunteers (electrical, woodwork, painting, altar lighting, research, stone masonry, fountains, fencing and sound system):
Nilakantan and Lakshmi Bertram, Galen Chadwick, Janardhana Clemmons, David Collins, Gopal Coward, Swami Dasyananda, Bhaskar Deva, Devaki Gogos, Robert Graham, Swami Hamsananda, Ramesh McCaw, Dharman Mitchell, Turiya Moran, Swami Muktananda, Vanthi Nguyen, Toru Oba, Mitra Sommerville, Bruce Streicher, Brian Summers, Swami Tyagananda, Mohan Wenzel, Roy Wilhite, Kumar Zelin.

1986 dedication coordinator:
Jnanam MacIsaac

Other LOTUS anniversary coordinators:
Swami Jyotirmayananda, Arulamma Bouthonis

Sincerest thanks to all associated with Satchidananda Ashram—Yogaville, Integral Yoga centers and all who offered their time, energy, skills, items and donations.


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Site design and development:
Karuna (Karen Kreps), Net Ingenuity
Rev. Prem Anjali

Karuna (Karen Kreps)

Design consultant:
Peter Petronio

Quality Assurance:
Swami Hamsananda
Prakash Shakti


Photo editor:
Ananda Siva Herve

Swami Sharadananda
Swami Tyagananda
Maithreya Cerone
Rama DiMaria
Richard Mangum
Dr. Prasant Hansma
Maithreyi Andre

Video clips:
Swami Vidyananda
Saraswati Neuman
Nick Eberle

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